Vinyl Kitchen Tiles

Vinyl Kitchen Tiles are an ideal choice for Kitchen floors, using the latest in tile technology manufacturing to result in strong, affordable tiles with a beautiful finish.

These hard wearing tiles are strong and durable, being perfect for kitchen floors which usually see a lot of wear and tear.  They’re also highly affordable thanks to the efficient process they are made, and the materials used which are lightweight while being incredibly strong and look amazing.

Available in a wide range of patterns, colours and styles, kitchen vinyl tiles have seen a surge in popularity due to ease of use, affordability and long lasting appeal. 

We offer beautiful wood-effect vinyl tiles which look amazing on any kitchen floor, mirroring natural wood effects with patterns, swirls and wood imperfections, offering a beautiful natural wood effect kitchen floor.  

For something with a modern feel, we also stock more stone and natural rock effect vinyl kitchen tiles.  These are usually in lighter greys and beige colours, featuring natural rock patterns to really bring the natural outside world into your kitchen.  

Simple to cut and install, long lasting and durable, vinyl kitchen tiles are a brilliant choice for your next kitchen floor. Discover our Vinyl tile collection today and get in touch if you have any questions at all about our range, styling fitting, ordering or delivery.