Herringbone Kitchen Tiles

Explore our Herringbone Kitchen Tile Collection, with a wide range of styles, sizes, colours and finishes to choose from.  Our selection of Ceramic and Porcelain Kitchen tiles in the classic Herringbone style will bring a touch of class to your kitchen, suitable for a range of areas or even the entire room.

This year, dark green and deep blue herringbone tiles are seeing a surge in popularity, with these classical tones in polished and gloss finishes that look amazing and reflect light beautifully.

We have a range of herringbone kitchen tiles sizes available, with smaller metro style tiles in rectangular shapes, ideal for laying horizontally, vertically or even angled for a striking visual effect and many patterned possibilities .

For something more traditional, consider our classic bold brick sizes, these are slightly larger for a more rustic, bolder feel or the classic square shape.  Our herringbone kitchen tiles are available in both ceramic and porcelain, and work well for kitchen feature areas around sinks or worktops, as well as for full walls and floors.

Take a look today and get in touch if you have any questions about our herringbone kitchen tile collection.