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Marshalls tile and stone interiors produces a fantastic range of floor and wall tiles in porcelain, limestone, marble and travertine mediums. The trained staff at Ceramic Systems in Carlisle can show you the huge choice we have available to us and we can help you to find the right tiles for your project.

Ceramic systems has an extensive choice of wall and floor tiles in a traditional and contemporary style and we are one of the UK's leading tile suppliers.

marshalls mosaic tiles

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaics have been used for centuries in design and artwork. In modern times they are great for creating statement walls and interesting features. Marshall's offer a wide range of mosaics in beautiful natural stone, glass and porcelain.

marshalls marble tiles

Marble Tiles

Marble tiles historically, have been a sign of power and affluence. Today it still provides luxury to floors and walls in kitchens, conservatories, bathrooms and hallways. Each tile contains unique features that will enhance the ambience of your home.

marshalls wood effect tiles

Wood Effect Tiles

The high-quality finish of Driftwood effect flooring is achieved using Italian porcelain tiles – which fit well in both modern spaces and period homes. Available in many colours, Italian porcelain flooring lends a different air of character to each space within the home.

marshalls slate tiles

Slate Tiles

Slate has a rustic feel makes it perfect for floors that require an aged feel and it complements country homes perfectly. Slate consists of a fine grained, layered structure resulting from shale and clay deposition. Marshalls produce a selective range of slate tiles, in different sizes and colourways.

marshalls limestone tiles

Limestone Tiles

Limestone adds character to a lacklustre room and can beautifully complement other materials within it. This type of stone naturally compliments stone and is available in brushed, honed and tumbled finishes, bringing practicality, warmth and versatility to your home.

marshalls porcelain tiles

Porcelain Tiles

Whether you are trying to create an interior design led dream house or spaces of practicality in your home or office, porcelain tiles are a perfect solution. They will help you to achieve distinctive and highly practical living spaces whilst having your own individual sense of style and character.