bal tile adhesives

Bal Adhesives

BAL are market-leaders for tiling. They have provided trustworthy products for more than 50 years by tile industry professionals. They deliver innovative products and service solutions. Whatever the tile material, background or function of the tiled environment, a BAL solution can be trusted for quality and lasting performance.

codes tile products


Codex examine their customers requirements and develop first class products to meet their needs. They produce outstanding primers, surface treatments, levelling compounds, as well as innovative damp-proofing systems. Each type of tile or stone requires a specific installation technique and it is the grout that gives professional workmanship that final finish. Codex have used the latest technology to develop a comprehensive and innovative range that is environmentally friendly.

genesis tile products


Genesis have significantly improved their Metal range with new shapes, sizes and finishes, as well as related corners for internal and external tiling applications, while complimenting the latest trends in the global ceramic market. The Genesis Tool range has been extended to offer even more innovative and exclusive tools, with the development of the Basic range in answer to an ever competitive marketplace. Their new Soft Flooring Tool range is a prime selection of the most popular tools required for the soft flooring installer.

kerakoll tile products


Kerakoll think, develop and produce innovative solutions that focus on the environment and on improving both health and quality of life by using eco-friendly and naturally breathable building materials that avoid the most common illnesses caused by indoor pollution. Their vision is to interpret GreenBuilding as a new way of building that is kind on the environment, promoting higher quality homes around the world and helping people to live better.

lithofin tile products


Lithofin is synonymous with special products that define the standard. Cleaning, protecting and maintaining ceramics, natural and artificial stone is Lithofin's speciality area of the ceramics business. The safety of their products and the protection of the environment is especially important to Lithofin. They continuously invest into the development of their products in order to make them safer and even more effective. The safety of the user and the environment is one of the main factors considered when choosing new raw materials.

tilemaster tile products


Tilemaster Adhesives are committed to supplying the industry with a comprehensive range of products manufactured to the highest standards. Whatever the tile material, the tiling background and the function of the tiled environment, there is a Tilemaster solution that you can completely trust for quality and lasting performance.

trimline tile products


Established for over two decades, Trimline is a leading supplier to customers in the tiling industry. A third generation family business, our brand revolves around our core values: honesty, integrity and trust. They are a dynamic tiling partner, providing industry leading service, high quality tools & equipment.

warmup flooring products


Warmup is a certified ISO 9001:2008 UK based manufacturing Plc creating and delivering underfloor heating solutions. Warmup has a tradition for quality and innovation. They constantly update and add to their product range to deliver the absolute best products. Warmup is the only underfloor heating company whose products are European compliant, CE marked and accredited by more independent institutions than anyone else in the industry.